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I am SURE that MS has never said they will use Blu-Ray for upcoming 360 games hell, they wouldnt even use their own HD-DVD! So I dont know what crystal ball youre looking in but maybe you should find a new one. From the statement Kojima made he noted he was disappointed he had to compresss audio afterall with the game instead of using RAW audio sourcing. Seriously, though. What would have Bared him from using More than one Blu-Ray? Nothing, probably just the fact that they want to keep the price down and a multi-blu game would probably bring things beyond the 59 price-tag and make Filipino sex movies the question Filipino sex movies and gaming systems. The problem is, compression works fine especially if he used a CBR or lossless format. Him going for RAW uncompressed audio is just absurd, even films right now dont go to that extent because its overkill. I think Kojima is a bit full of himself and MGS. I will recognise that it is a greta game that a ton of people love. But trying to make a game that goes so far, is just nuts. What is the actual cost of a B-R disc? Surely it wouldnt have tacked on that much? Just my marketing thoughts! The actual cost is probably minimal when youre producing hundreds of thousands, but when has the actual cost of media ever been passed to the consumer? It hasnt and probably never will sadly enough. The past is kinda sad looking back I mean we have Beta, VHS, Cassette, CD, DVD it hasnt happened with HD-DVD or Blu-Ray either. Instead adding Filipino sex movies disc usually brings the price of the normal version up anywhere from 5-15 in some cases. / That makes no sense. The money those disks cost is because of the Game, the time, effort and labor put into and all that. Why would tacking on another disk so he could make his Mega game the way he wanted, going to drive it up 15? Lost oddasyspelled wrong, I am sure. Uses four freakin DVDs! That is 32 gigs, but I do not see them tacking 5, 15 or 15 for each is Blu-ray so different? Whats with this obsession with raw uncompressed audio? I doubt the average person can tell much of a difference or have awesome sound systems to benefit from it. I reckon its all just to make it seem like the large space on Blu-Ray is needed. The space is needed, just not for uncompressed audio. I mean really. Copyright Neo Era Media Inc. , 1999-20 All rights reserved. You have reached your maximum guest watch list limit of 10 items. Please remove some items from your watch Filipino sex movies in My eBay if you want to add more. This item has been added to your guest watch list in My eBay. Separate multiple list names Filipino sex movies a comma. Between Thu. 30 and Fri. 8 Estimated delivery dates opens in a new window or tab Filipino sex movies sellers handling time, and will depend on shipping service selected and receipt of cleared payment opens in a new window or tab. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods. A reserve price is the minimum price the seller will accept.

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